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Custom Self Ash longbow
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Custom Self Ash longbow Summary

Custom Self Ash longbow

Traditional English Longbow made from American White Ash
Black horn nocks fitted as standard with stringing groove.
Bowyers mark for arrow pass  to both sides so the bow can be shot left or right handed
Leather grip fitted
14 strand double looped flemish string (Assorted colours)
Tillered to bend "Compass" through the handle.
Tillered to a standard 28" draw, maximum draw length of 29"
Smooth draw, no stacking, smooth shot

Please note if you draw past 29" you may damage or break the bow and your warranty will be void

Please read the warranty instructions and care instructions before you attempt to string your bow

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I love "Robin"
Been waiting to write this as, was still breaking in my bow, got some excellent advice from our Coaching Officer about, not full drawing straight away, warming the bow up etc.. my bow & I are now very well acquainted, I'm now at full draw & I have to tell you, I am so pleased, this is my first Longbow so, I wanted something not too sharp to start with. Cannot speak highly enough of the people at Heritage, they were really helpful, contacted them a few times &, they were always quick to reply & pleasant to deal with. This bow for me is my pride & joy! I went for a 38# one as, I'd been shooting already a #40 AFB, I knew the Longbow was going to be slightly different but, didn't want to drop too much poundage. A couple of people over the club have shot my bow & liked it, including the Coaching Officer. It's just such a pleasure to shoot! I got my Third Class classification with it yesterday, something I have been trying to attain for more time then I'd care to mention, really, really pleased with my purchase. Would definitely use Heritage again, all the best to everyone there. Sam (Phoenix Archers Essex)
Very Responsive Selfbow
I recently ordered and received after about 2 weeks.. My American Ash Selfbow. The wood itself is fabulous, very nice tight grain, and light as you expect from Ash. It's well balanced in my hand and I have no problem shooting Western Rounds with this bow. Which is a 40lb bow weight. If it's windy it had enough power to launch my 11/32" shafts with a 125 grain head on them perfectly.. Value for money of this bow is excellent.. I would recommend this bow to anyone.
I love it
This bow is very beautiful, simple and pure. Smooth to shoot but not too soft. I recommend it!
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