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Longbow Care

Please follow the guidelines below otherwise your Heritage warranty may become invalid.

Before starting examine your bow for any defects. If you see anything or you are not sure DO NOT STRING YOUR BOW. Call us and we will advise you what the action to take.

Inspect the string and if damaged replace it. Brace your bow approx 30 mins before shooting. This will allow the fibres in the timber to settle.

Warm up your bow before bracing by giving it a good rub with some beeswax

Use a double looped stringer to brace the bow. Make sure that both loops are located in the string groove correctly. As a guide your brace height is around 1/12th of the length of your bow.

Before shooting your bow, draw your bow around a dozen times to half draw as if you would shoot normally, then do the same at three quarter draw. Prior to shooting inspect your arrows to see if all nocks, piles and fletchings are fitting correctly or that there is no damage to the arrow shaft. If there is do not shoot the arrow.

A new bow needs to learn to bend and be shot in. Please take care when doing this. Never shoot a bow without an arrow nocked. It can result in damage or a broken bow.

Dont hold the bow at full draw for more than 2 or 3 seconds.

Do not draw the bow beyond its maximum draw length. This could result in damage or a broken bow.

If you are shooting in wet conditions make sure you have a cloth to dry your bow between ends, if you dont you risk damaging the finish on your bow. When you finished shooting dry the bow thoroughly and wax it.

Never shoot in freezing conditions. This can cause serious damage or breakage. When you have finished shooting, un-brace your bow and check it for defects. If you find anything please call us for advice.

Store your bow in a bow bag. Ideally somewhere where it will not be subject to extreme temperatures.

Looking after your bow in most cases is just common sense. If you have any queries about the care of your bow give us a call and we will do our best to advise you