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Goblin Snot Arrow Paints and Laquer
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Goblin Snot Arrow Paints and Laquer Summary

Goblin Snot Arrow Paints and Laquer

We have been working with a paint manufacturer to come up with a waterbased, non toxic, quick drying paint, we now have it!
You will be amazed with the colours

Goblin snot new arrow painting system is now available to buy!

ULTRA BRIGHT! Flo Colours now in stock!!

Here's the video how to apply the paint

Advantages of the Goblin Snot Paint and Laquer System :-

100ml bottles so no need to buy big bottles of paint you may never use

No need for expensive dipping tubes and you don't need one for each colour either!


Dries VERY quickly and easy to apply

Water based high quality pigment so only 1 coat is required
(metallic paints may need a couple of coats). 

No more wasted paint!

More colours to be added soon. Also available in Gloss Laquer, Sanding sealer, white primer.

Our cresting paints are almost ready so it won't be long before you can buy them too.
The cresting system is also easy to apply
Goblin Snot
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This is a game changer...honestly
Nice design to the bottle but make sure you screw the lid tightly before shaking.(I was using Black) Goes on like a dream, excellent coverage, used the tape method as shown (removal results in a super sharp line with no paint tare ). Has the texture of the fine industrial epoxy paints, found I needed to check the side of the sponge applicator for paint build up but probably due to me squeezing the bottle ( this is unessary ) once dry fine dimpling sanded off and silky smooth finish easily and quickly achieved. Quite liked the natural finish texture and will be getting the verdigris to do that as I feel it will look amazingly authentic. So far the lid has kept the sponge from drying out and storage between uses might not be a problem. It might seem expensive as paint but so little is needed in use and it's so quick, easy and accurate you make the saving in time and sanity. 5 seems too low, I would give this 10/10
Many many times better than I imagined.
To be completely honest I wasn't expecting to much but though, for a fiver it's got to be worth a try. So, I bought a bottle of orange to see ho it would work with my yellow and orange fletched spruce sticks. Tried some on a spare shaft and am totally amazed by the depth of colour even with one coat. It's simplicity itself to apply evenly and dries in no time. If the varnish I've just ordered is as good then it's happy days, no more boring wood coloured sticks. Thanks Lee.
No more dipping tubes
Just finished using the Laquer on my arrows so easy to use thanks to the design of the bottle, I would advise sing the sanding sealer I did six arrows with sealer and six without the ones without did need a second coat, the design of the bottle makes it so easy once you get used to how hard to squeeze it but once that's sorted it's great no drips no smells and most of all no waste, I've not used the paint yet but I'm sure it just as good, well done to the team behind this project
Wow.... What can I say, I would like to tell just how easy this paint is to use; but can't think of any thing so easy. Having prepped the shafts, it took longer to read the instructions then to paint a dozen. Great coverage, great colour. I have tried painting shafts before with brushes, with a varying degree of success. With these paints... So easy. I cannot recommend these paints highly enough. Don't take my word, spend a fiver and find out for yourself.
Beyond praise
Just occasionally, very occasionally, you buy a product that far exceeds your expectations. These creating paints and pens are one of those products. They are quite superb at creating. The paint flows beautifully and they avoid the annoying fat/thin pencil lines that result from using a brush on a slightly wonky or non cylindrical wooden shaft. The paint dries quickly and the colour is solid. Metallics are metallic. Excellent excellent product. I m not sure how long they will remain effective after they ve been opened, used and stored, but they are cheap enough to buy new for each batch of arrows you plan to crest. The videos really don t do them justice in my view
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